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Everything You Should Know About Dental Implants in Fremont

April 27, 2018

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Smiling man and woman.If you have a tooth that is compromised or already missing, it is important to think about replacing it as soon as possible in order to restore your smile and protect your oral health. You’ve heard a lot about dental implants in Fremont, but are they the right solution for you? And how can you justify the cost?  Here is all the information you need to know about dental implants so you can make the right decision for your needs.


There’s No Reason to Fear Your Next Dental Visit – Here’s Why

April 13, 2018

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Woman in the dental chair smiling.Does going to the dentist make you feel anxious? Or perhaps even just thinking about the dentist causes you to feel panic and stress? You are not alone! Because millions of Americans feel this way too, modern dentistry has made many changes and created advanced technology that is designed to make your experience more pleasant and comfortable. Your dentist in Fremont explains why there’s no reason to be afraid of the dentist anymore.


Tired of Hiding Your Teeth? Transform Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

April 3, 2018

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Man hiding his smile.When you are embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth, it may cause you to hide your smile. Even if you don’t realize you’re doing it, hiding your smile may make you seem unhappy or unapproachable and can affect your personal and professional relationships. If you are ready to take steps to improve your teeth, porcelain veneers in Fremont may just be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s what you should know about porcelain veneers.


How Your Dentist in Fremont Uses Lasers to Improve Your Treatment

March 22, 2018

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A laser pointing at a tooth.If you’ve never experienced or even heard of laser dentistry, that’s going to change. According to your dentist, laser dentistry offers a unique approach to the same treatments you’re used to seeing, but through a different method. Laser dentistry allows professionals to provide the same care their patients need, but less invasively and more precisely than ever before. These focused beams of light can be used to remove tissue, reshape your gums, and even whiten teeth. There is an untapped fountain of potential waiting behind laser dentistry, and your dentist in Fremont is offering it today!

Keep reading to learn about the benefits laser dentistry has to offer at your next appointment.


Do You Have Sleep Apnea in Fremont? Learn the Signs Today!

March 14, 2018

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A man awakes in the middle of the night.Did you know that sleep apnea affects millions of people every day? Not only can it dramatically affect your sleep quality, but it can put you at greater risk of heart disease and reduce your ability to remember information you gained throughout the day. However, you don’t need to suffer insufficient sleep any longer once you pursue treatment.

With help from your dentist, who can provide unique oral appliances to treat your sleep apnea, you can get back to getting a quality night of sleep and avoid the long-term risks associated with sleep apnea. To start, here are a few signs that you should seek treatment for sleep apnea in Fremont.


How Can a Neuromuscular Dentist in Fremont Help My Dental Problems?

March 3, 2018

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A man smiling.Even if you only visit the dentist for routine cleanings and exams, your dentist’s expertise often covers much more than professional cleanings your mouth. It’s common for dentists to have additional experience in other areas of dentistry. Other dental problems can easily develop later in life, so your dentist is prepared to treat them if and when they occur. For example, by seeing a neuromuscular dentist in Fremont, you’ll be better equipped to handle problems associated with the jaw or cases of malocclusion.

To learn more about how your dentist accomplishes this, keep reading. It could make a huge difference in your oral health.


Avoid These for Healthier Teeth Says Your Dentist in Fremont

February 20, 2018

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A person smoking a cigarette.Even with a good at-home oral care routine, your habits outside of the bathroom can make an impact on your oral health. At first it can be difficult to notice which of our habits have the largest negative effect on our oral health, but it’s worth taking the extra time to recognize them and change them for the better. If you see any of your habits listed by your dentist in Fremont, don’t feel guilty.

It’s so easy to get stuck in our own ways. That’s why your dentist is here to point out the most common habits and help you address them. You’ll be glad you took a few minutes to learn how.


Don’t Caught by Oral Cancer, See Your Dentist in Fremont for Checkups

February 13, 2018

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A woman having her dental exam.When you think about cancer, your first thought may be “It wouldn’t happen to me. I’m healthy.” And you aren’t just saying this. Your general doctor said you’re doing fine and you don’t use tobacco products ever. In fact, after reading about the effects of long-term exposure to alcohol, you started to cut down on your consumption right away. In your mind, there’s no way you could be at risk. “How could a dentist find cancer when a doctor couldn’t?” You wonder.

As it turns out, there is one cancer you’ll need to keep in mind. That cancer is melanoma. To prevent one of the most common cancers in the United States, you’ll need to visit your dentist in Fremont.


Your Dentist in Fremont: “Gum Disease is Linked to Heart Health”

February 4, 2018

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A man thinking.In recent years, medical professionals have been stressing the relationship between oral health and overall health. Think about it like this. Your mouth can act as a mirror to the rest of your body. If you have poor oral health, it’s a good sign that you have some issues deeper inside as well; and it’s not just a saying.

In fact, what your dentist in Fremont is saying is backed up by science. It’s not a coincidence that 85 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease and 200 million Americans have some form of periodontal disease. Keep reading to learn the details.


I Have Gingivitis! How Did This Happen? What Causes Gum Disease?

January 20, 2018

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Woman having dental examination. Your gums have been bleeding during brushing, and lately they have appeared to be red and swollen. You’ve been diagnosed with gingivitis, which is the first stage of periodontal (gum) disease. You’re not sure how this happened, or what causes gum disease? But now that you are among the half of American adults that gum disease affects, you’d like some answers.


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