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September 15, 2015

Neuromuscular dentures in FremontToday you have a couple options when it comes to dentures. You can seek out traditionally made dentures; what I like to call ECONOMY dentures. Or, you can have all the incredible advantages of a more modern technique called Neuromuscular dentures.

Unlike traditional prosthetics, Neuromuscular (NM) dentures are designed to fit a mouth in movement and more importantly be in harmony with your muscles, nervous system and all the tissues in your mouth as it moves and functions. All of these factors equal an improved fit when you are eating, talking and smiling. Traditional dentures are designed and made to fit a mouth that doesn’t move. Since a moving mouth is pertinent for a high quality life, this technique is not the most viable solution.

Why Neuromuscular Dentures?

  • NM Dentures have numerous advantages over Traditional prosthetics. With NM techniques, we pay special attention to your muscles and nerves. NM dentures start with an impression of your mouth in function or motions that your mouth regularly performs. This alone WILL make your dentures fit better. Traditional prosthetics start with an impression of your mouth in a static or no movement position.
  • NM techniques also pay close attention to the optimal height of your dentures. Your mouth muscles originally developed at their full height will leave a mark or etch in the muscle. We examine where the mark is inside the mouth to create the optimal height for your dentures. This will lead to the best fit.
  • Along with the improved fit and function, we can REVERSE the aging signs by using the original proportions the patient had, as far as their smile is concerned. This is where the face lifting aspect comes from. Instead of the sunken-in appearance common with traditional dentures, Neuromuscular dentures support the face and provide a more youthful appearance often turning back the clock by several years.
  • The snug comfortable fit does more than ease discomfort and pain, it helps prevent bone loss in the jaw. Traditional prosthetics don’t conform to the mouth which causes uneven pressure on your jawbone. The areas where pressure is light will tell your body that the supporting bone isn’t being used. When bones aren’t used, they can deteriorate causing bone loss. NMD fit better in the mouth, causing pressure to be more evenly distributed on the gums. This will significantly slow the process of bone deterioration and aging.

At our dental practice, we adhere to the Golden Proportion rules which will give each patient their own beauty and a customized smile to their face. Although I understand it can be more cost effective to go with “economy” dentures, I urge you not to settle! They may be cost saving, but they will be appearance and function saving as well. In this area, the old axiom, “You get what you pay for,” couldn’t be more true.

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