Do your Dentures Fall Out when you Talk?

March 1, 2016

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denturesDentures are a common solution for those who have experienced tooth loss. Today, there are many advancements that allow dentures to have a more custom fit for added comfort and function, as well as a more realistic appearance to mimic natural teeth. However, even when they fit well, they often cause difficulty when eating and speaking. As a result, many find they have to speak slowly to keep them in place or restrict what they eat due to slipping. Thankfully, you can avoid the discomfort and inconvenience with neuromuscular dentures.

Denture Discomfort

Overtime, false teeth begin to fit incorrectly due to changes with bone and gum loss. As this happens, it can cause your dentures to slip while you talk. As a result, you’ll probably find yourself having to speak slowly or having to bite down to put your dentures back in place. Not only is this annoying, but it can also be embarrassing because you have to pause what you’re saying to fix your teeth.

As your gums and bones begin to change, it’s not uncommon to experience difficulty eating, too. When your dentures begin to slip while you eat, you likely have to eat smaller bites of food that you need to chew more slowly. Not to mention, you may even have to restrict the foods you eat, such as avoiding sticky foods. Changing adhesives may help resolve the discomfort a little bit, but slipping dentures are still very restricting to the comfort you have while eating.

At James Block Dentistry, we offer neuromuscular dentures to resolve the discomfort of eating and speaking for more dependable results.

Neuromuscular Dentures

Neuromuscular dentures allow you to regain your beautiful smile with a cost-effective solution to traditional dentures. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, the new dentures will fully support your facial structure while allowing you to enjoy simple things, like eating and speaking with no slipping.

Unlike traditional dentures, they are custom made to support movements. Since the dentures support the natural movements of your mouth, they will more closely mimic the appearance and function of your natural teeth. As a result, the slipping of dentures is decreased while you benefit from many other advantages that simply aren’t possible with traditional dentures.

The neuromuscular dental option allows you to maintain a larger amount of your bone density to reduce certain oral health concerns. Not only does this give you more comfort and increases oral health, but it will also make you look younger as the facial features are maintained. With more bone density and the proper support of your facial features, you’ll look forward to smiling again with a realistic smile you’ll love.

James Block Dentistry provides the dental solutions you need to eat and speak with confidence when dealing with tooth loss. We offer alternative solutions to traditional dentures to allow you to laugh, eat, and talk without any discomfort or hesitation. If you’re ready for a complete smile makeover with added comfort and confidence, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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