The Importance of Properly Fitting Dentures

March 10, 2016

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denturesAt James Block Dentistry, we understand the pain and discomfort poorly fitting dentures can cause, which is why we work hard to create a custom-fitting denture for your mouth. Not only are properly fitting false teeth more comfortable, but they also prevent and resolve a number of potential complications, such as sores and infections. To reduce these complications, we take all measures possible to ensure we create the best fitting prosthesis possible. Using neuromuscular dentures, we offer the latest innovations to ensure your replacement teeth fit securely.

Complications from Poorly Fitting Dentures

When your false teeth don’t fit correctly, they cause more than just trouble with eating and speaking. Overtime, the discomfort you feel can being to intensify and transform to begin causing oral health problems. A poorly fitting prosthesis will lead to irritation of the gums, as a result, sores and blisters can develop. These wounds to the gums can cause bacterial and fungal infections. The pain from the sores can make it even more difficult to eat, causing you to avoid certain foods, which will impact your daily dietary requirements.

In addition, false teeth are needed to support the natural structures of the face. If your dentures don’t fit correctly, it promotes the deterioration of bone and gum loss. As the structures are lost, the appearance of your face can begin to change from the lack of support. It’s not uncommon for sagging of the face and sunken lips to develop.

When your false teeth don’t fit correctly, many try to use more adhesive and denture creams to keep the teeth in place. But this also poses risks. Using too much creams can cause you to be exposed to an unhealthy amount of zinc. High levels of zinc are known to cause symptoms of neuropathy, which can be permanent.

The key to reducing your risk for all of these complications while promoting your quality of life is with a properly fitting pair of replacement teeth. At James Block Dentistry, we use neuromuscular dentures to ensure the best fit possible.

Neuromuscular Dentures

Using innovative technology, neuromuscular dentures create a more dependable fit to support your facial structure and oral health. Unlike traditional false teeth, this form of prosthetics is crafted to support your movements instead of taking measurements from a resting bite. As a result, we are better able to enhance your bone density to decrease the rate of bone loss. So you’ll have a properly fitting pair for false teeth that aren’t just more comfortable, but will last longer.

With a secure fit, you’ll have increased comfort with minimal slipping, decreasing the risk for gum irritation and sores. In addition, you’ll have the chewing ability you need and confidence to smile and talk freely without the concern of slipping.

New advancements in density now allow false teeth to closely mimic your own natural smile. So, no one will ever know they aren’t your real teeth. The affordable and simple solution to tooth restoration using neuromuscular methods will enhance your quality of life while preserving the appearance of your smile.

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