From Your Dentist in Fremont: Are You at Risk For Gum Disease?

July 11, 2016

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Your dentist in Fremont discusses gum disease.Attending your regular cleaning and check up appointments every six months has never been more important as oral health has now been linked with your overall health. Known as the oral systemic connection, it’s been discovered that periodontal (gum) disease can contribute to other serious health concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease and vice versa. Your dentist in Fremont is actually able to detect gum disease much earlier than you can because there’s not a lot of pain or symptoms associated with it at first. Detecting gum disease in its early stages will ensure that you have the best chance for a successful treatment, but the first question is, are you at risk for gum disease?

What is Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease occurs when the gum tissue and bone that supports your teeth becomes infected. This happens when plaque builds up and causes the gum tissue to separate from your tooth, which allows bacteria in below the gum line. It’s this bacteria that can get into your bloodstream and travel to other areas of the body.

If left untreated, gum disease will eventually lead to tooth and bone loss. While there is no cure for periodontal disease, the good news is that it can be effectively managed and sometimes reversed in its early stage, known as gingivitis.

Periodontitis is the advanced stage of gum disease and it’s in this stage that the damage begins to occur. The bacteria below your gum line will begin to eat away at your bone, eventually causing your teeth to become loose and fall out in severe cases.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Gum disease progresses gradually with minimal symptoms, and this is why many people aren’t even aware that they have it. Did you know however, that almost half of adults over thirty years old suffer from gum disease? Some early signs to look for are:

  • Gums that are red and swollen
  • Chronic bad breath or halitosis
  • Gums that are tender and bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Teeth that feel loose or begin to move

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, contact your dental provider right away and schedule a cleaning and check up. Gingivitis can be managed with a thorough professional cleaning and improved home care, so it’s important that you act quickly.

At James Block Dentistry, our highly skilled hygiene team is equipped and ready to handle any stage of periodontal disease that you may be experiencing. We’ll take the time to educate you about your oral health and your condition so you can effectively keep your gum disease at bay. Give us a call today and get your next check up scheduled.

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