When to See Your Children’s Dentist in Fremont

September 20, 2016

Your children’s dentist in Fremont wants to see your little one when that first tooth erupts. Learn what kids’ dental care involves at James Block Dentistry.

When should you take your little one for his or her first dental visit? Children’s dentist in Fremont, Dr. James Block, says it’s time when the first tooth erupts or by that first birthday. Just as with mom and dad, preventive dentistry ensures bright, healthy smiles that last.

The Initial Visit

It’s the most basic of care, but also so important because it builds a foundation for healthy gums and teeth. When parents first bring their children to James Block Dentistry, the family experiences a get-acquainted visit that helps everyone feel good about the staff, office atmosphere, tools and procedures that make up a great dental experience.

Parents, schedule your little one’s initial visit when that first baby tooth comes in, or at least, by his or her first birthday. Your child will get used to the sights and sounds of the office, meet Dr. James Block and his friendly staff, and understand that going to the dentist in Fremont is easy.  If possible, Dr. Block will look inside your baby’s mouth while he or she sits on your lap.

Kids take their cues from mom and dad when it comes to being positive about dental appointments. So, parents, be sure to enjoy this get-acquainted time, too. You are always welcome in your child’s treatment room.  Ask questions of the dentist and of the hygienist and front desk team. We want the entire family to feel welcomed.

Toddlers on up

Children who are a bit older get their teeth gently cleaned by a friendly hygienist who counts the teeth, carefully removes plaque and tartar and takes low radiation digital X-rays as necessary. Dr. Block performs a thorough, but low-key, examination which includes:

  • Inspection for tooth decay and gum disease
  • A bite and tooth alignment check
  • Oral cancer screening (it’s quick and painless)
  • Assessment of any fillings or other restorations
  • Jaw and bone development assessment
  • Noting size, number and position of baby and adult teeth

Depending on his findings, Dr. Block outlines specific treatments such as fluoride to protect against tooth decay and plastic sealants for deeply grooved molars. He also addresses any restorative needs, such as fillings, and he evaluates older children and teens for orthodontic care. Dr. Block is trained in innovative systems such as Six Month Smiles.

Most importantly, Dr. Block works with kids and parents to optimize oral health. So, expect good information on a tooth-friendly diet, proper brushing and flossing, and keeping smiles safe with night guards for teeth grinding  or athletic mouthguards for sports. Baby teeth are important teeth as they usher in the permanent ones and help kids chew and speak properly.

What’s Your Priority?

Of course, it’s the health and well-being of your kids. That’s Dr. Block’s priority, too. Be sure to schedule routine semi-annual exams and cleanings for your kids, and know that the doctor takes dental emergencies seriously.

Contact James Block Dentistry to arrange your little one’s first visit. Anticipate a great experience and years of healthy smiles ahead.

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