Reduce Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry in Fremont

January 3, 2017

Fear of the dentist prevents people from getting care. Read how your dentist in Fremont, Dr. James Block, eases anxiety with sedation dentistry options.

Approximately 15 percent of American adults postpone dental visits or just stop getting the oral care they need. It’s because of dental anxiety, a fear so intense that people suffer extreme nervousness, insomnia and more just because they have a dental appointment. What can be done? Try sedation dentistry in Fremont from your compassionate and skilled dentist, Dr. James Block. Whether you dread simple cleanings or have postponed restorative procedures because you are afraid, Dr. Block and his team can help you.

Why Use Sedation Dentistry in Fremont?

A good dentist is patient-centered and listens compassionately.  He or she explains dental treatments in a simple, relaxed way. Unfortunately, individualized care does not always put every patient at ease. That’s where sedation dentist in Fremont, Dr. James Block, can come to the rescue. He offers medication options which calm frazzled nerves and allow procedures to go forward pain-free and fear-free, too.

Reasons behind Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is quite common and can originate in:

  • Claustrophobia
  • Sensitive gag reflexes
  • Low pain threshold
  • Bad experiences with other dentists, doctors or hospitals
  • Embarrassment over neglected teeth
  • Discomfort sitting in the dental chair
  • Dislike of the sights and sounds of a dental office

Dr. Block and his compassionate staff understand. That’s why they have the advanced training to help patients feel relaxed so they can get their necessary treatments over and done with.

Sedation Dentistry Choices

Besides local anesthesia to numb areas to be treated, Dr. Block offers medications that allow his patients to feel completely comfortable, respond to simple commands and return home with their dental work completed. The most common methods of sedation are:

Nitrous oxide This traditional sedation choice is also called “laughing gas” because it makes patients feel somewhat giddy and lightheaded. The doctor gives the medication through a nasal mask, and when treatments are over, the nitrous oxide wears off fast. Patients feel no after effects and can drive themselves home from James Block Dentistry.

Oral conscious sedation Taken in pill form before a procedure starts, these tranquilizers confer substantial relaxation and may even make a person drop off to sleep in the dental chair. These familiar drugs include Valium, Ativan, Halcion and Versed. Patients awaken with a gentle shake on the shoulder and usually remember very little of their treatments. A friend or relative drives the individual home from his appointment. Sometimes nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation are combined for longer treatments.

IV sedation These medications are delivered intravenously through a needle in the arm. The team fully monitors vital signs and level of consciousness, and the anesthesiologist can increase or decrease the dosage as necessary. Patients are driven home afterwards, and usually, they experience a bit of amnesia about their treatments.

No More Fear

Dr. Block and his caring team will help you through your dental work with careful sedation dentistry. Contact the office today for a sedation dentistry consultation. Dr. Block will review your medical history and explain your options for a painless and fear-free dental experience.

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