Dentist in Fremont is Accepting New Patients

March 7, 2017

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Dentist in Fremont offers adult orthodontic careWhatever you and your family’s oral health requires, find it expertly and kindly delivered at James Block Dentistry. Your dentist in Fremont offers all things preventive, restorative and cosmetic, creating healthy, attractive smiles for every member of your family.





Who Will Serve Your Needs Best?

No two dentists practice their craft in the same way. However, one dentist may be a better fit for you and your family than another. So, it pays to look carefully at the dentists in your area to see who may best serve your oral health needs. We believe your best selection is Dr. James Block, dentist in the Fremont area. Widely skilled and patient-centered, Dr. Block is accepting new patients, and we know you’ll love starting a long doctor-patient relationship with him.

You see, Dr. Block and his professional team serve patients of all ages–from children to adults in their senior years. They offer the finest preventive, restorative and aesthetic dentistry around, and they are especially focused on physiologic-based dentistry. Also known as neuromuscular dentistry.

Physiologic based dentistry works on harmony among the hard and soft tissues of your face and mouth–that is, teeth, gums, lips, muscles, joins. In short, Dr. Block makes sure your smile is solidly healthy and functional. When you come to James Block Dentistry, you’ll experience more than a cleaning and X-rays. He’ll get to know your oral health really well so it really lasts.

Preventive Services

As a patient of Dr. Block, you will receive a complete oral examination and cleaning every six months. These services are the cornerstone of your oral health maintenance plan, along with brushing and flossing at home. Based on his continuing findings, Dr. Block may offer you,  fluoride treatments, mouthguards for athletics and plastic sealants to ward off decay.

Also, he’ll discuss exam findings with you, informing you of necessary work and making recommendations for aesthetic improvements. Your input in this phase of your care if very important.

Restorative Services

In life, stuff happens, and this adage applies to your oral health needs, too. So, Dr. Block offers:

  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Bridgework
  • Facelift dentures
  • Sedation dentistry options (nitrous oxide, oral and IV sedation)
  • Dental implants and implant-supported dentures and bridges

His aim is to bring your smile back to full strength and excellent appearance. He uses the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques and quality materials so you know your dental work is done right, and with good care, it will last.

Cosmetic Services

Dr. Block understands how important your personal appearance is and that your smile is a central part of how you look and feel about yourself. So, he delivers modern aesthetic treatments–everything from simple teeth whitening and bonding to full smile makeovers. After a cosmetic dentistry consultation, you may choose one or more treatments as budget and preference dictate. He offers:

  • At-home whitening
  • Sinsational Smiles in-office whitening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • No-prep Lumineers
  • Gum recontouring
  • Composite resin bonding

Yes, with Dr. Block, you can say goodbye to a lack luster smile and say hello to a bright set of teeth that you can be proud of.

What Do You Say?

Does Dr. Block sound like the right dentist for you and your family? Why not find out by

contacting James Block Dentistry and arranging a personal consultation. You can ask about our office policies and really get a feel for how all his patients are treated. See you soon!

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