Setting a Child’s First Visit with Your Dentist in Fremont

April 25, 2017

When should you schedule your child’s first visit with your dentist in Fremont? Dr. James Block says to come when that all-important first tooth appears.

Prevent problems with those important baby teeth by seeing your pediatric dentist in Fremont early on in your child’s development. Dr. James Block and his team love caring for children, ensuring they are comfortable with routine dental care and showing them that brushing and flossing is important.

Bring Your Child in When that First Tooth Erupts

Baby teeth are very important teeth, having vital functions such as:

  • Development of the mouth, jaw and facial muscles
  • Ensuring adult teeth erupt in the right alignment and position
  • Development of proper speech and efficient biting and chewing
  • Creating an attractive smile and a good self-image through childhood, teen years and adulthood

Because these little teeth are so important, parents should take care of them as soon as they begin to erupt, usually at six to eight months of age for the lower central incisors. Your dentist in Fremont asks to see children when those new teeth come in or, at the latest, by the child’s first birthday.

The First Visit

Young patients can sit on Mom or Dad’s lap during the first dental visit. It’s very short and just acquaints the child with how a dentist’s office looks and sounds. The family can see the bright and comfortable treatment rooms and meet Dr. Block’s friendly staff, too. Preschoolers get to sit in the treatment chair with a parent by their side as Dr. Block performs his oral examination.

This simple examination includes:

  • Showing what the dental instruments look like
  • Explaining to the child what he is doing at each step
  • Counting the child’s teeth
  • Visually inspecting for tooth decay, gum disease and bite problems

Parents should have a positive attitude toward dental appointments as how they act influences how the child will perceive the experience. Simple explanations of what the dentist is going to do are best, and elaborate details are unnecessary.

Also, parents should ask Dr. Block about any concerns they have about their child’s dental health. The doctor truly welcomes early dental visits as wonderful opportunities to teach both children and their parents about oral hygiene and healthy diets at home.

What Other Services are Offered?

Besides a hygienic cleaning and exam, the dentist may take the first set of digital X-rays to uncover decay and to look at the bite and alignment of the child’s teeth. Dr. Block may recommend plastic sealants and fluoride treatments which provide excellent insurance against tooth decay and dental sensitivity.

Additionally, your dentist offers sedation dentistry options to relax the nervous young patient or to make long procedures more tolerable. Choices include nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, and fully monitored oral conscious and IV sedation.

It’s Not Too Early to Start

Enjoy treatment plans tailored to the needs of young patients. From basic exams and cleanings to athletic mouthguards, trust Dr. James Block to optimize your child’s oral health from babyhood and on through the years.

Is it time for that first pediatric check-up? Please contact James Block Dentistry to arrange an appointment. We anticipate years of healthy smiles for your child.

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