Have No Reason to Fear with Sedation Dentistry in Fremont

May 16, 2017

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Nitrous oxide is part of sedation dentistry in Fremont.”>For many people, going to the dentist is as easy as a stroll in the park, but for others, it’s an almost earth-shattering experience. These individuals suffer from dental phobia, and it impacts their psychological well-being and their oral health. What can be done about this paralyzing fear?

James Block DDS and his caring team offer sedation dentistry choices in his Fremont office. If you shake and quake just thinking about going into a dental treatment room,  seek help from James Block Dentistry.

Why Are People Scared of the Dentist?

The British Dental Health Foundation says that approximately 36 percent of people in the UK avoid dental visits because they are afraid. The reasons behind the phobia vary, but common causes are:

  • Discomfort with sitting in the dental chair
  • Embarrassment over decayed and missing teeth
  • Fear of pain, dental instruments or invasion of personal space
  • Claustrophobia
  • Extreme dislike of injections
  • Past bad experiences with a dentist or doctor

Whatever the cause, the anxiety often becomes so overwhelming that people simply stop caring for their teeth. Obviously, their dental health suffers and so does their overall well-being and personal appearance.

Can the Fear be Alleviated?

If you’re in the hands of Dr. Block, yes, dental anxiety can disappear. In fact, you could say he practices “no fear” dentistry, and here’s how it works.

First, you come to Dr. Block’s office where a kind staff member welcomes you and takes to a comfortable treatment room. Then, Dr. Block will discuss your concerns with you, take a medical and medication history and, if possible, perform an oral exam.

Then, your dentist in Fremont can recommend a treatment plan to include any necessary restorations, and most important, the sedation options that can control your nervousness. Here are the choices Dr. Block and his staff offer:

  • Local anesthetics Most people call this Novacaine or a pain shot. Your dentist injects this numbing medication to ensure you feel no discomfort during a treatment such as a filling.
  • Nitrous oxide This long-used inhaled medication is also called laughing gas for the euphoric feeling it conveys. Often an adjunct to a pain shot or oral sedation, laughing gas is easily administered through the facial mask and wears off right away after treatment.
  • Oral conscious sedation Valium, Ativan and Versed are familiar drug names to most people. They are simple tranquilizers prescribed as pills taken directly before a dental procedure. Tranquilizers induce a calm, sleepy feeling, and you may even nap during your treatment. A responsible adult must drive you home from your visit.
  • IV sedation This medication is given through a needle in the arm. It has a more pronounced sedative effect than oral medication and may be adjusted up or down as needed. Again, a friend or loved one must escort you home from the office.
  • General anesthesia While the other types of sedation allow the patient to be awake and responsive to commands, general anesthesia renders you unconscious. It is appropriate for very complex procedures such as oral surgery. An anesthesiologist monitors vital signs and levels of consciousness during the administration of general anesthesia.

You Can Be Fear-free

You can overcome dental anxiety with the help of Dr. Block. Please contact James Block Dentistry for a sedation dentistry consultation. You’ll start to relax just knowing you’re in skilled and caring hands and that your smile will be healthy once again

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