Tired of Hiding Your Smile? Come See Your Cosmetic Dentist!

July 9, 2017

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How can my cosmetic dentist improve my smile? After a recent outing with your friends, one of them has posted pictures online for everyone to see. It was a great time had by all, but you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at your face. All the people around you are smiling broadly, showing off their teeth, but your lips are clamped shut. You swear you enjoyed yourself, but you couldn’t tell by looking at these pictures. The truth is, you’re extremely self-conscious about your smile. Some of your teeth are crooked, stained, and you even have a gap between your front teeth. As sullen as you look in these photos, you’re just happy none of them actually show your teeth.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be confident about your smile? Wouldn’t you rather not have to hide it whenever a picture is taken? If so, you’re like millions of other Americans who could benefit from seeing a cosmetic dentist. In the right hands, you can take away everything you don’t like about your smile and get the one you’ve always wanted. This sounds great, of course, but how can it be done? With just a few simple treatments and a couple of appointments, you can get the kind of smile that you’re always ready to show off.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Transform Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry can eliminate just about every possible flaw you can imagine. If you want to improve something about your look, there is certainly a treatment that can do it. Some of these include:

  • Teeth Whitening: This is the most popular cosmetic treatment by far, and it is used to break up stains and help the teeth appear dramatically brighter. You can have your teeth whitened right in the dental office in as little as twenty minutes, and with a little at-home maintenance, the results can easily last a lifetime.
  • Cosmetic Bonding: If you have small chips, cracks, or gaps marring your smile, cosmetic bonding is a quick and easy way to fix them. Using a putty-like composite resin, a dentist can literally sculpt away any imperfections a tooth has. The treatment takes as little as an hour, doesn’t require any local anesthetic, and can easily last for 10 years or more.
  • Porcelain Veneers: With porcelain veneers, you can fix stains, chips, cracks, and gaps all with just one treatment. This comprehensive procedure involves extremely thin custom-made coverings bonded to the front of the teeth, and they can be used to completely makeover your smile in as little as 2 visits.
  • Lumineers: Lumineers are very similar to porcelain veneers with one key difference. They can improve the smile in the exact same way, but they don’t require the teeth to be modified like they do with porcelain veneers. This gives patients more flexibility when trying to enhance their smile.
  • Cosmetic Gum Contouring: If you have a “gummy” smile that makes your teeth appear short and stubby, gum contouring is exactly what you need. Using a highly-precise soft tissue laser, a dentist can shape your gum line to expose more of your natural teeth and give you that perfectly proportioned look you’ve always wanted.

Which Treatment is Right For Me?

As you can see, with cosmetic dentistry, the only limit is your imagination. No matter what your smile looks like now, a skilled cosmetic dentist will know exactly how to improve it. To get any of these treatments, simply schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist in your area, and they’ll be able to help you choose which ones are best for you. After that, it’s just a matter of time till you’re ready to smile for the camera.

About the Author

Dr. James Block is a third-generation family, restorative, and cosmetic dentist based in Fremont, CA. Helping people improve their confidence with cosmetic dentistry is one of his favorite things to do, and he just loves seeing the expression on his patients’ faces when they see their new smile for the first time. He currently practices at James Block Dentistry, and he can be reached through his website or at (510) 793-0801.

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