Here Are Some Reasons You Might Be More Prone to Cavities

November 25, 2017

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A woman having a dental examination.Have you ever wondered why some people are more prone to cavities than others? Why is that some people who brush and floss religiously still develop tooth decay, while others who are not so diligent do not? Your dentist in Fremont explains why this might be the case, and what you can do to keep cavities at bay.

Watch Your Diet

Most of us understand that sugary foods and drinks are bad for our teeth; however, did you know that snacks high in carbohydrates also have the same effect? It’s true! Snacks like bagels, chips, and bread can cause just as much damage as sugary treats. This is because carbohydrates turn into sugar, and they tend to stick to your teeth and linger longer than they should.

Choose fruits and vegetables for snacks and meals as often as you can. Fruits and veggies actually help to neutralize the acids in your mouth that cause tooth decay. They also increase saliva flow, which helps to wash away food particles and harmful debris.

The Shape of Your Teeth

Did you know that your teeth have their own unique shape? This also means that some people may have more pits and grooves on the chewing surfaces of their teeth than others. Deep grooves make it more difficult to keep your teeth clean, and bacteria can get trapped in them and cause tooth decay.

Ask your dentist about dental sealants, which can fill in those grooves with a thin layer of composite resin and protect your teeth from developing cavities. Adults who are prone to cavities often benefit greatly and experience fewer cavities with dental sealants.

Your Oral Bacteria

As your tooth shape is unique, so is your makeup of oral bacteria. Some people have more aggressive oral bacteria to combat cavities than others do. This is where an antibacterial mouth rinse might be helpful. It can give added protection for people who are more prone to tooth decay, and also an extra dose of fluoride. Talk to your dentist about which mouth rinse may be right for your needs.

Use these tips to help you combat tooth decay if you are prone to cavities. Be sure to visit your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups whether you are prone to cavities or not, as this is your first line of defense against issues such as tooth decay, oral cancer and gum disease.

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