Your Dental Implant Questions Answered

January 10, 2018

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Image of a dental implant. When your tooth is failing it can feel very overwhelming. You might be dealing with pain or an infection, while also trying to wrap your mind around the idea of losing a tooth. You understand that your tooth will need to be replaced, and you’ve heard that dental implants in Fremont are an excellent solution, but you have a lot of questions. We are here with your answers – read on!

Besides Esthetics, Why is it Important to Replace My Tooth?

It’s no secret that the loss of a tooth can affect your smile, your speech, and your confidence; but did you know that it can also affect your oral health?

When you lose a root your jawbone has nothing left to support and it will begin to deteriorate. This can drastically change the appearance of your face, and also eliminate support for your remaining teeth eventually resulting in more tooth loss.

Shifting will also occur with your healthy teeth without a tooth replacement. This can cause bite misalignment and also an increased risk of developing issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

How Can Dental Implants Help?

An implant is the only tooth replacement option that restores both your root and your tooth. A titanium post is placed into your jawbone during a simple surgical procedure performed by a specialist. Titanium is used since it’s biocompatible and will naturally integrate with your bone over a healing period of 3-6 months. This takes the place of your root and acts as a firm foundation for your new tooth.

Once your healing is complete, your dentist will design a crown customized to match your natural tooth in form and shade. Your new crown will provide all the function of eating, talking, and chewing that you lost with your tooth. You will also feel confident about smiling again!

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Besides closely mimicking your natural tooth and protecting your oral health, dental implants offer a number of other benefits for patients. First, they are a very reliable treatment, and they boast a 95% success rate.

Next, they offer excellent longevity. An implant has the potential to last for many years and even the patient’s lifetime in some cases with excellent home care and regular dental checkups. This also makes them a better long term investment over other options that will have to be replaced down the road.

If you would like to learn more about dental implants in Fremont, scheduling a consultation with your dentist is the next step.

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