Avoid These for Healthier Teeth Says Your Dentist in Fremont

February 20, 2018

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A person smoking a cigarette.Even with a good at-home oral care routine, your habits outside of the bathroom can make an impact on your oral health. At first it can be difficult to notice which of our habits have the largest negative effect on our oral health, but it’s worth taking the extra time to recognize them and change them for the better. If you see any of your habits listed by your dentist in Fremont, don’t feel guilty.

It’s so easy to get stuck in our own ways. That’s why your dentist is here to point out the most common habits and help you address them. You’ll be glad you took a few minutes to learn how.

Smoking or Using Tobacco Products

Whether it’s from a pipe, chew, or hookah pipe, tobacco use does no favors for your teeth or gums. Not only does it stain your teeth and increase your risk for gum disease, it makes your breath and your clothing stink all the time. No amount of mouthwash or brushing will fix that.

If you’re struggling to quit, speak with your general physician for their recommendations. They’re used to helping their patients eliminate addictions to nicotine.

Playing in Sports Without Proper Protection

If you or your child plays a game like football, it’s likely you’ll be wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth during tackles. However, other sports such as basketball or soccer can easily cause an elbow in the face or a nasty fall that knocks out a tooth as well. Therefore, wearing a mouthguard while playing these sports should always be kept in mind, especially if you’re very young.

Being Careless While Eating

The next time you’re at the movies, pay close attention to that handful of popcorn you’re about to stuff into your mouth. Stray kernels can easily hide, that is, until you bite right into one and crack your tooth in the process.

Additionally, if your thinking of chewing on the ice cubes sitting in your drink, your dentist in Fremont asks you to reconsider. Instead, simply suck on the ice chip and let it slide down your throat to reduce damaging your teeth.

Playing with Mouth Piercings

Tongue and lip piercings are not ideal for keeping good oral health. This isn’t to say that they are unsanitary. It’s actually because inedible objects like metal shouldn’t be anywhere near your mouth. The material can knock against your teeth, causing them to crack or become worn down more quickly. The next time you want a piercing, opt for the traditional ear instead.

Not Watching Where You’re Walking

When we’re late to work or another important event, it can be the only thing on our minds as we race to our destination. If you happen to live in a more urban environment, turning a corner too quickly could mean the difference between shaving off a few seconds and laying on the ground with a bloody mouth. Take your time when traveling to reduce your chance of accidents, walking or otherwise.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure your teeth will remain intact for another day. Schedule an appointment with your dentist in Fremont for more tips on protecting your teeth!

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Dr. James Block is proud to say he is a third-generation dentist following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. After graduating from the University of Southern California dental school, he continues to serve the Fremont community with compassionate dental care and a true blend of dental art and technology. Whether it’s cosmetic, preventive, or restorative, Dr. Block can help you and your family. To learn more about his practice, contact him at (510) 793-0801 or visit his website.

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