How Your Dentist in Fremont Uses Lasers to Improve Your Treatment

March 22, 2018

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A laser pointing at a tooth.If you’ve never experienced or even heard of laser dentistry, that’s going to change. According to your dentist, laser dentistry offers a unique approach to the same treatments you’re used to seeing, but through a different method. Laser dentistry allows professionals to provide the same care their patients need, but less invasively and more precisely than ever before. These focused beams of light can be used to remove tissue, reshape your gums, and even whiten teeth. There is an untapped fountain of potential waiting behind laser dentistry, and your dentist in Fremont is offering it today!

Keep reading to learn about the benefits laser dentistry has to offer at your next appointment.

The Two Main Types of Lasers to Consider

Dental lasers are typically separated into two categories: soft tissue and hard tissue.

Soft tissue lasers use a light wavelength that is easily absorbed by hemoglobin and water. This makes them ideal for gum work. Gum work can consist of anything from cutting soft tissue to sealing exposed blood vessels.

Hard tissue lasers are used mainly on teeth because the wavelength is much stronger and capable of cutting through bone or water. They’re ideal for treating the calcium phosphate in your bones and teeth very accurately. They’re also great for removing small amounts of material for shaping purposes or for prepping teeth, such as for dental fillings.

Laser Dentistry Can Perform Many Tasks

The next time you visit your dentist, you may be surprised at just how versatile lasers are in the world of dentistry. Currently, your dentist in Fremont uses the Sapphire Diode Laser, a laser mainly used for gum work. With it, he can perform common dental treatments more effectively, including:

  • Gum disease treatments
  • Gum modifications (such as cosmetic recontouring)
  • Oral hygiene therapy
  • Treatment for canker sores and herpes simplex lesions

Keep in mind, the alternative to using lasers for dental treatments is a series of harsh, rough, metal instruments that make you feel uncomfortable. If your dentist has the option to improve your level of comfort without sacrificing effectiveness, why wouldn’t he?

Less Pain, Healthier Treatments, Happier Patients

The benefits of laser dentistry are plenty when compared to traditional tools. For example, patients who pursue oral surgery accompanied with lasers are less likely to require sutures after completion. Patients lose less blood during surgery because the light energy isn’t as invasive as a scalpel. This also means less bleeding during your post-operative time and less chance of an infection occurring after surgery.

It’s also likely that you won’t need nearly as much anesthesia during surgery and you won’t need to wait as long for the area to heal. Laser dentistry allows your dentist to be more precise, only targeting the areas necessary to complete treatment.

A better method for professional oral care is out there. Schedule an appointment with your dentist today to feel the difference yourself!

About the Author

Dr. James Block offers laser dentistry as a more comfortable and less invasive way to get the same treatments you need done right.  After earning his dental degree, he continued his education on the latest advancements of dentistry, which is what brought him to laser dentistry. To learn more about his preventive treatments and practice, contact him at (510) 793-0801 or visit his website.

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