There’s No Reason to Fear Your Next Dental Visit – Here’s Why

April 13, 2018

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Woman in the dental chair smiling.Does going to the dentist make you feel anxious? Or perhaps even just thinking about the dentist causes you to feel panic and stress? You are not alone! Because millions of Americans feel this way too, modern dentistry has made many changes and created advanced technology that is designed to make your experience more pleasant and comfortable. Your dentist in Fremont explains why there’s no reason to be afraid of the dentist anymore.

Sedation Dentistry

Whether you just need to “take the edge off,” or you would prefer not remember any of your dental appointment, modern dentistry provides options for sedation dentistry in Fremont that will help you get the dental care you need.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a gas that can be used to help you feel more relaxed during dental procedures.

Also called laughing gas for its euphoric effects, nitrous is ideal because it works quickly to help eliminate anxiety, but it also leaves your system quickly so you can continue your normal activities. It’s even safe for you to drive home after a procedure with nitrous, and it’s safe for children as well.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Do you require more complex procedures to restore your oral health? If you feel like deeper sedation would be beneficial for you, oral conscious sedation is the solution. This is administered through medication taken one hour prior to your appointment.

Due to the nature of the medication, you will be conscious and responsive during your procedure, but you will have little to no memory of what went on and you’ll feel completely relaxed. You will also need to plan on arranging transportation to and from your appointment and resting for the day after your procedures.

IV Sedation

Patients with severe anxiety, special needs, or multiple treatment procedures to complete at once may benefit from utilizing IV sedation. This is medication that is delivered intravenously so it can be immediately adjusted as needed throughout treatment, and your vital signs are monitored throughout the procedure by both your dentist and an anesthesiologist to ensure your safety.

Patients using IV sedation will feel like they slept throughout their treatment and have no memory of what occurred during that time.

Contact James Block Dentistry

At James Block Dentistry we offer all types of dental sedation to meet your unique needs. Dr. Block is happy to discuss your fears and concerns with you to determine which type of sedation will best help you get the treatment you need.

Contact our office today to learn more!

About James Block Dentistry

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