Your Dentist in Fremont Says Don’t Let Your Benefits Go to Waste!

September 15, 2018

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health insurance form stethoscope The end of the year is rapidly approaching, which means your dental insurance will soon be renewed. While you’re fortunate to have a fresh start at the beginning of the year, your dentist in Fremont reminds you to not waste your current benefits. Thus, you should make it a priority to get in for a preventive care visit before the current year ends to protect your oral health, maximize your coverage and save yourself some money.

The Importance of Preventive Care Visits

Visiting your dentist semi-annually is one of the ways to fortify your dental health. Here are the three major benefits:

  • Thorough Cleaning – Your dental hygienist will make sure that any plaque and tartar are removed from your teeth to prevent the corrosive decay they can cause.
  • Tedious Examination – While visiting, you’ll also receive a checkup that will identify any developing issues so they can be addressed quickly.
  • Open Communication – Another perk of visiting your local dentist every six months is that you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have about your oral health and learn ways to make improvements.

Don’t Miss Out

Every year, your dental insurance renews, and in most cases, your preventive care visits are completely covered. This is significant given that many oral health issues can be identified at semi-annual visits, which saves you time and money and prevents unnecessary suffering.

There’s a caveat, though. If you fail to take advantage of your access to preventive care each year, the opportunity is lost – the visits don’t roll over into the new year.

More Tips for Maxing Your Coverage

Here are some other ways to get the most out of your coverage:

  • Visit Early – While attending your final visit of the year, go ahead and set the first appointment for the new year to align with your vacation or your children’s schedules at school. An effective strategy is to plan visits around the summer and winter breaks.
  • Investigate Your Plan – Following your initial visit of the year, where your dentist will make an assessment of the current state of your oral health, you’ll have a better understanding of where improvements need to be made. Furthermore, you can investigate your dental plan to see what options you have available.
  • Use a Flex Spending Account – Many companies are now giving employees the option of setting up a flex savings account. This is great for filling in any coverage gaps left by your insurance. Thus, if you need work done that isn’t completely covered by your insurance, you have another option to depend upon.

The overarching theme here is to be proactive in all your efforts. By consistently visiting your dentist for check-ups and examinations, you’ll make a positive and lasting impact on your oral health for years to come!

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Dr. James Block earned his dental degree from the University of Southern California, and he’s since served the Fremont community with nearly 30 years of expert care. He invites patients to his private practice to receive comprehensive care and enjoy the absolute best in dental health. Dr. Block can be reached for more information through his website.

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