5 Ways That Teeth Whitening in Fremont Can Boost Your Confidence

June 6, 2019

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Have you suffered self-esteem issues because of the way your smile looks? Your teeth might be stained yellow from years of smoking or eating and drinking dark-colored foods and beverages. Maybe you automatically shy away from cameras because you don’t want them to capture the state of your teeth anymore. If so, you could benefit from teeth whitening in Fremont. Let’s talk about 5 ways that getting your teeth whitened can improve your confidence.

1. You’ll Look Younger

Our teeth become more yellow through the natural aging process. By getting your teeth professionally whitened, you can erase the effects of years of drinking dark liquids like coffee or tea. Additionally, having a beautifully white smile can also detract attention away from any signs of aging on your face, like wrinkles. All eyes will be on your white, young-looking smile.

2. You’ll Nail Your Next Job Interview

Studies have shown that people with white teeth are considered more responsible, professional, and successful. This can come in handy in your next job interview. If you’re confident, you will enter your interview with a smile, dazzling the interviewer and increasing your chances of getting the job. If you have the same qualifications as another candidate but you smile more and appear friendlier, your interviewer is more likely to select you for the position.

3. You’ll Become More Attractive

People with white teeth are often seen as more attractive. Your newfound confidence will also attract more potential love interests. Not only will your smile be beautiful, but you will smile more, showing any interested people that you are a happy person.

4. You’ll Seem Friendlier

Once you’re more comfortable with the way your teeth look, you will want to show them off. People who smile more are often seen as friendlier. Others will want to strike up a conversation with you at work or parties, or even on the street. Because you seem like a more gregarious person, you can make friends much more easily.

5. You’ll Have a More Positive Outlook on Life

Just the physical act of smiling releases endorphins in our brains that make us feel good. With whiter teeth, you will naturally want to smile more to show them off, even if it’s just to your reflection. The increased levels of feel-good chemicals in your brain will help you become a more genuinely positive person.

With all of these benefits, there’s no reason to not get your teeth whitened. Call your dentist and make an appointment today to achieve the beautifully white smile you’ve always dreamed of.

About the Author

Dr. James Block completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Southern California. He then opened his own practice in Fremont, CA in 1990, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He is passionate about blending science and art in making patients’ smiles as beautiful and healthy as they can be. To learn more about how Dr. Block can restore your confidence in your smile, click here or call (510)-793-0801.

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